First exampleΒΆ

This example will show you how to run your very first experiment using Cornac. It consists in training and evaluating the Probabilistic Matrix Factorization (PMF) recommender model.

# Importing required modules from Cornac.
from cornac.models import PMF
from cornac import Experiment
from cornac.eval_methods import RatioSplit
from cornac.datasets import MovieLens100K
from cornac import metrics

# Load the MovieLens 100K dataset
ml_100k = MovieLens100K.load_data()

# Instantiate an evaluation strategy.
ratio_split = RatioSplit(data=ml_100k, test_size=0.2, rating_threshold=4.0, exclude_unknowns=False)

# Instantiate a PMF recommender model.
pmf = PMF(k=10, max_iter=100, learning_rate=0.001, lamda=0.001)

# Instantiate evaluation metrics.
mae = metrics.MAE()
rmse = metrics.RMSE()
rec_20 = metrics.Recall(k=20)
pre_20 = metrics.Precision(k=20)

# Instantiate and then run an experiment.
exp = Experiment(eval_strategy=ratio_split,
                 metrics=[mae, rmse, rec_20, pre_20],